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I. Book – In Preparation

  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2025. The Appropriation of the Ancient Egyptian Isis and the Hellenistic-Egyptian Serapis.

II. Dissertation

III. Articles and Book Chapters

A. Peer Reviewed

  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2016. The Architectural Patronage and Political Prowess of Herod the Great. JAHA 3: 13-24.
  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2015. A Brief Overview of al Jinn within Islamic Cosmology and Religiosity. JAMS 11: 67-78.
  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2014. The Buddha and The Christ: Looking at Jesus through Buddhist Eyes.  JAMS 10: 78-87.

B. In Press

C. In Preparation

  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2025. Military Influences within Ancient Religions around the Mediterranean.
  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2024. Rituals: An Introduction of Rituals and its Theories of Praxis. in Routledge Handbook of the Ancient Near East and the Social Sciences, eds. Jason M. Silverman and Emanuel Pfoh. London: Routledge.
  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2024. The Story of Isis. in Horvat Midras Excavations, ed. Orit Peleg-Barkat.
  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2024. Interpretatio Graeca and Romana’s Role with the Pax Deorum in Ancient Mediterranean Societies. Why Should I Care? Studying the Ancient World in the 21st Century, eds. Megan Lewis and Joshua Bowen. Oxford: Archaeopress.

Book Review

  • Laughlin, Vivian A. 2023. Review of ​Continuity and Rupture in Roman Mediterranean Gaul: An Archaeology of Colonial Transformations at Ancient Lattara, by B. P. Luley​. Rhea Classical Reviews.

Articles/Projects/Public Contributions